Leann Taagepera has written and assisted in the preparation of numerous Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Mitigated Negative Declarations (MNDs), Environmental Assessments (EAs), and Mitigation Monitoring Status Reports (MMSRs). She has also written Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act analyses. Please contact us if you are interested in our full list of project experience.

  • East Bay Regional Parks District/City of Newark, EIR – LTEP was awarded a contract from the EBRPD and the City of Newark as the prime consultant for an EIR for a project involving the demolition of historic resources stored within a park. Four subconsultants were under contract. The Initial Study/Notice of Preparation, Public Draft EIR, Final EIR, notices, and Mitigation Measure Reporting Program were completed.
  • Town of Ross, Marin County/WRA Environmental Consultants, EIR Sections – Subsequent EIR sections prepared as a subconsultant for a residential development project. Sections completed: Aesthetics/Visual Impacts, Cultural Resources, Air Quality, Geology and Soils, and Noise. The Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, Findings and Statement of Overriding Considerations will also be prepared.
  • Lake County/Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, EIR Sections – Aesthetics and Public Services sections of an EIR were prepared for a residential and resort development project.
  • City of Richmond/Douglas Herring & Associates, CEQA Alternatives Analysis – EIR section completed for the Honda Port of Entry expansion project.
  • City of Healdsburg/Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, EIR Sections – Cultural and Historic Resources, and Hydrology sections were prepared by Ms. Taagepera for an EIR for the City’s General Plan update.
  • Alameda County/Richard Grassetti Environmental Consulting, Initial Study/ Notice of Preparation and focused EIR – An IS/Notice of Preparation was prepared for a 10-unit duet residential project in the Hayward area of unincorporated Alameda County. A draft focused EIR was prepared for the project, primarily analyzing the issues of aesthetics and historical resources.
  • Administrative Office of the Courts/Tetra Tech EMI, Historical and Cultural Resources Section – EIR section completed for a new courthouse proposed in Stockton.
  • City of Richmond, Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration – As the prime consultant, an IS/MND was completed for a warehouse/office building. Four subconsultants were under contract for the issues of traffic, biology, air quality, hazards and hazardous materials, and geology. The Draft and Final IS/MND, mitigation monitoring plan were prepared, and all notices.
  • City of Richmond/Christopher A. Joseph & Associates, Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration – Sections of an IS/MND were completed for an oil and diesel fuel tank expansion project.
  • City of Richmond/CirclePoint, Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration – Ms. Taagepera prepared an IS/MND for an aggregate off-loading operation.
  • City of Pittsburg/Richard Grassetti Environmental Consulting, Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration – An IS/MND was prepared for a flood control project.
  • City of El Cerrito/Richard Grassetti Environmental Consulting, Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration – An IS/MND was completed for streetscape improvements to San Pablo Avenue.
  • Christ Lutheran Church/California Environmental Services/Adanta Inc. – Biological Resources document sections – Prepared the Project Description and Regulatory Setting sections of a Biological Resources Constraints analysis for a proposed affordable housing project in Marin County.
  • Napa Valley Community Housing/Adanta Inc., EA – Prepared and assisted with preparation of a NEPA Environmental Assessment for an affordable housing project proposed in the City of Napa.
  • Burbank Housing/Adanta Inc. – Prepared a Section 106 analysis report per the National Historic Preservation Act for the rehabilitation of an affordable housing project in Santa Rosa.
  • Federal Railroad Administration/CirclePoint, Land Use Section for Environmental Impact Statement – Ms. Taagepera prepared the Land Use Section for an EIS for the DesertXpress project. The section described the existing land uses in the area of the project, current development trends and developable land, the General Plan goals and policies applicable to the project, and General Plan land use and Zoning designations.
  • FHWA/ Caltrans/Solano Transportation Authority/Circlepoint, Technical Report Preparation – Ms. Taagepera completed a Community Impact Assessment which analyzed the effects of a new roadway planned parallel to I-80 in the City of Fairfield and County of Solano. It analyzed land use, general plan policy, displacement, public facilities and utilities, economic, environmental justice, and agricultural impacts.